We are artists.
And we are doing what artists can do during these difficult times – be creative, support, and unite.

As a response to the Paris terror attacks, we are asking artists to work together and submit images, photos, paintings, sketches, etc, that we can post and talk about together.

We would love for you to join the conversation.

Please note that we do not retain any copyright or licensing to your work. All work is yours alone and we will only use your image as part of our creative community here on Learn more about ownership concerns.


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  • isabel 01

Isabel (France) – Self portraits

  • P6020707

Justin (Chappaqua, New York, USA) – “Centre Pompidou”

It's important to me that I remind myself of the beautiful memories that Paris has given me, and fight back against the sad ones. - Justin Negard, Future Boy Design  

  • e8dfd905-852b-4f6b-b469-66d1d2be8676

Emma (Brooklyn, New York, USA) – Tricolor Eiffel

I was at a beginning printmaking workshop and I didn't like the first few drawings I made, a nature scene that just wasn't working and a doodle to let off frustration. Visual art is usually [...]

  • Saviem - Je Suis France

Saviem (Milan, Italy) – “Je Suis Francais”

Bonsoir mes amis, aujourd'hui je suis français; aujourd'hui, nous sommes tous un peu français! Today I am French, today we are all a bit French! Hoy soy francés, hoy todos somos un poco franceses.   [...]

  • Jalpa

Jalpa (Mumbai, India) – “Face of Terror”

'Face of Terror' is the artwork I created when I came to know about the terror attack in Paris. I know it's not only Paris, there has been things happening all over the world. So, [...]

  • William - Saint Denis

William (Berlin, Germany) – “Saint Denis”

Saint Denis – also called Dionysius – is a Christian martyr and saint. In the third century, he was Bishop of Paris. He is invoked against diabolical possession.  

  • Erin - Paris

Erin (Tennessee, USA) – “Hearts and Peace with Paris”

Empathy is all we have often times in these situations.  I send mine to Paris and other countries facing peril.

  • William - Heartbeating Tower

William (Berlin, Germany) – “Heartbeating Tower”

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux." (Saint-Exupéry) #Paris #PrayforParis

  • Nicola - Come Together

Nicola (United Kingdom) – “Come Together”

Deeply sad about what people are capable of, I'm not religious - this hashtag is bringing everyone together around the world, religious or not.

  • Stefano - Red Sea

Stefano (Italy) – “Red Sea”

The suffering of Paris is the suffering of all the world

  • Jordan - Support For Paris

Jordan (Mobile, Alabama, USA) – “Support For Paris”

I created a simplistic logo that shows support of the horrific attack on Paris.

  • Ummi - It's gonna be okay

Ummi (Kuala Lumpur) “It’s Gonna Be Alright”

You'll bounce back fast! :)

  • Stop

Shantanu (Asheville, North Carolina, USA) – “Stop”

The attacks in Paris are one of the many unfortunate events. And today we pray for Paris. But let’s also pray for every such unfortunate city around the world. We can only stop this terror [...]

  • William - untitled

William – Untitled

  • Kiki - United Oui Stand

Kiki (Washington, DC, USA) – “United Oui Stand”

Sending healing thoughts to a city who healed me in my time of pain.

  • Renee - We Pray Together

Renee (USA) – “Nous prions ensemble / We pray together”

Nous prions ensemble/We pray together for peace and healing not just for Paris but for the world at large.  

  • Abraham - Fraternite

Abraham (Mexico) – “Fraternite”

Violence anywhere is a threat to peace everywhere.  

  • Isabel

Isabel (France) – “idc”

  • Claudia - UNO

Claudia (Munich, Germany) – “UNO”

The dots (gyros) of our logo are dedicated to Paris today. @gyro our UNO approach is the glue that ties our 15 offices together. Today we are all Paris. Keep moving, Paris. #sad but #stronger. [...]

  • Napadeu - Sur Mes Pas

Napadeu (Paris, France) – “Sur mes pas”

Je passais tous les soirs dans le quartier en rentrant de babysitting. Les rues étaient désertes et calmes, sauf dans la rue Bichat, animée par les bars du Petit Cambodge et du Carillon I was [...]

  • Blake - Forward

Blake – Peace for Paris

Peace and love for Paris. Together we move forward for a better tomorrow.  

  • Asim Rai - Pass the Light of Peace

Asim Rai (Nepal) – “Pass the Light of Peace”

I was deeply saddened by the recent incident that occur in Paris and the world were many innocent victims lost their life as well as many mothers and fathers, brothers and sister and friends lost [...]

  • Chris Chew - Oui We

Chris Chew (Branford, CT) – “Oui We”

It’s inspiring to see the world unite in love & kindness in the face of a tragedy and to see artists doing what they can to help by spreading positivity and sparking conversation. I know [...]



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